Solutions for Scars – Dr. Jochen Explains

March 5, 2019

Many Types, Many Treatments

Cuts, scrapes, burns, trauma brought about by surgery, acne and other skin conditions, can contribute to scars. Many factors determine a scar’s appearance and ultimately its treatment. Degree of severity of the initial wound or cut and its location matter, as do age, heredity, gender and ethnicity. Sometimes a single method is effective. Other times a combination of treatments is necessary to achieve optimum results. The good news is these techniques can even minimize the appearance of older scars.


Acne Scars

Dermabrasion, microneedling and a variety of laser resurfacing therapies can work wonders for acne scars. Minor surgical techniques can be performed to lift up deeper scars while filler injections plump skin depressions.

Burn Scars

Laser therapies, microneedling and antibiotic creams are just a few of the methods that can improve the appearance of red and raised scars resulting from a burn injury.

Hypopigmented or White Scars

Silicone sheeting, surgical grafting, microneedling, treatment with an Excimer Laser, and even a revolutionary approach involving the use of Latisse (yes the product that makes your eyelashes grow) in combination with other therapies such as fractional lasers can help a hypopigmented scar.

Keloid and Other Raised Scars

Typically these types of scars occur after surgery or an accident, but can appear spontaneously or as the result of some minor inflammation like acne, a burn or even after a piercing in people who are susceptible to this formation. A combination of treatments is usually required and run the gamut from steroid injections to lasers to reduce redness, compression dressings made of silicone that flatten, to a freezing technique known as cryotherapy, among other treatments.


For more information, contact Dr. Timothy Jochen, board certified dermatologist and founder of Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center, at (760) 423-4000 or visit Dr. Jochen also is an Associate Professor at USC. He was voted a Top Doctor by his peers in 2018 and voted a Best of the Valley Winner for Best Surgeon in 2018 by Desert Sun readers.

Last modified: March 5, 2019

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