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March 23, 2020

Hi Chambers and Business Partners,

    Our County Counsel and Emergency Operations Center teams have put together a list of Essential Services list to assist your navigation of the implications for ongoing business operations during the recommended safe at home order time frames. Individual businesses should ensure that they also work with the City, Tribal or special district jurisdiction to ensure compliance with any individual orders.

 We have also verified some individual requests from some of our City, Tribal and Special District Partners:  Agricultural cultivation and services related to picking/sorting and distribution of agriculture, Landscapers, pool maintenance staff, new housing construction, home repair emergencies, and housekeeping services are also included in essential services.

    We will continue to have support from our Riverside County Economic Development Department and Workforce Development Departments on our calls. To follow up on an action item related to an employer’s obligation to pay an employee who is staying at home due to the Coronavirus. I mentioned that we would follow up with a link to information to pass along to call attendees. Here is the link to the Department of Industrial Standards that addresses the question:


Misty Plumley, Paramedic

Senior EMS Specialist

Riverside County EMS Agency

Emergency Management Department

951-358-5029 (office)

951-201-4705 (mobile/preferred)

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