5-Star Chamber

What Should 5-Star Chamber Accreditation Mean To You, Our Member Businesses?
It means that you are a member of one of the most prestigious business membership organizations in the entire country. Did you know there are 7,000 chambers of commerce nationwide? According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce ranks in the Top 120 Nationally (Top 1.7%), by achieving the highest level 5 Star Accreditation. There are only 7 California Chambers that are 5 Star Accredited and the Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce is the only 1 in the Coachella Valley.

How is the Star Ranking System Determined?
Once the application has been reviewed, a designation of either Accredited, Accredited with 3 Stars, Accredited with 4 Stars, or Accredited with 5 Stars is given based on the number of points scored in each section. A chamber earning at least 70% of the total number of points will be awarded 3 Stars; 80% 4 Stars; 90% or more 5 Stars.

Why Become Accredited?
Earning accreditation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce demonstrates:
• Reviewing, improving and promoting strong business practices
• Recognizing outstanding leadership contributions to the community
• Supporting the principles of free enterprise and promoting pro-growth policies at local, state and federal levels
• Establishing best practices and staying in touch with industry changes


Accreditation Categories

I. Governance
The chamber has defined the architecture of its governing system. There is a clearly developed purpose and mission that is shared by board members and staff. The organizational structure is defined, and the board of directors and staff are clear about their roles and responsibilities.

II. Finance
The chamber conforms with all IRS and state accounting regulations and complies with the Statements of Financial Accounting Standards. The chamber operates on a budget approved by the board of directors. An annual review of the chamber’s records is made by a recognized auditing firm.

III. Human Resources & Staff
Chamber meets all federal and state regulations governing employers and acts as a catalyst in the professional development of its staff. Chamber staff recognizes its responsibility for implementing the decisions of the board of directors.

IV. Government Affairs
Participation in public policy decision making affecting economic and business issues.

V. Program Development
Chamber has formal system in place to plan, document, and exercise short-term and long-range goals/plans; methods to monitor and evaluate chamber’s status on goals are used throughout the year.

VI. Communication
Chamber has identified target markets within its membership and has devised clear plans to communicate with them.

VII. Technology
Chamber has technological ability to effectively communicate with membership and can efficiently implement its program of action.

VIII. Facilities
Chamber conforms with all federal, state and local building, fire, health, and safety regulations.

IX. Benchmarking
These measures of success demonstrate specific areas where chamber has exhibited excellence or have gained organizational knowledge through action, planning and experience.


Our Commitment to You
We strive for excellence in everything we do to best serve you with a 5 Star experience. If utilized effectively, you will achieve your maximum ROI on your annual membership investment leading to increased business revenue while gaining valuable relationships. We have all the resources in place for you to find reputable, credible, trustworthy companies to serve your every business need. We have a strong, friendly membership community who can connect you with other local leaders like yourself. We are committed to providing premium signature events, business education and networking programs, as well as you having a voice serving on one or more of our nine committees. This includes: Audit and Finance, Membership, Special Events, Programs, Golf Cart Parade, Education, Ambassadors, Legislative and the Executive Committee. Stay plugged in on our website, pdacc.org, and on our Facebook Page for upcoming events and activities benefiting you. We invite you to visit us at 72559 Highway 111 Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. We are fortunate to have a beautiful 5,726 square foot building in the heart of Palm Desert with conference room space to rent and hold meetings. Because of you, we are celebrating our 65th business anniversary in 2019. Thank you for being a member of the Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce and for your loyalty over the years.

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