A Centrist Approach

June 1, 2018

Op-Ed article for PDACC.

Politics is a constant battle of ideas, ideals, and methodologies. Some see their arguments with a religious interpretation, while others want just the facts and try to fit the issues into a sterile environment to be dissected.

The Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce, the Desert’s only U.S. Chamber of Commerce two-time 5-Star Accredited Chamber of Commerce, sees the importance of working with all of our members and all of our elected officials no matter their political ideology. This is because we believe that we all have the same ultimate goals: Support our Business Community; Support our Quality of Life; Support the Environment for the Future; Prepare for Hard Times.

In politics, the Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce is non-denominational and non-partisan. However, the intensity of the extreme partisan forces of the two major political parties makes it extremely difficult to carry on a dialogue with our State and Federal elected representatives. With California’s supermajority held by the Democratic Party, legislation presented by a member of that party has no need, nor desire, to negotiate with those with ideologically differing opinions or proposals which could broaden support.

The Chamber has no dog in the partisan bickering. However, like most others, we find it tiresome and a waste of time, energy and other resources. Creating law has often been compared to making sausage. One might not wish to experience everything that goes into that casing, but, for good sausage, as well as law, it takes many ingredients and hands for great flavor. With extreme ideologies and a super majority there is little if any seasoning and in the end all you get is a chunk of salted meat. And, it’s unlikely to meet the hoped for U.S.D.A. grade.

While the two primary parties duke it out from their far polar extremes, we need more of our elected officials to become more centric; A little Left, a little Right. As our elected become more entrenched in the battle for votes, which requires a significant amount of funding, it becomes harder to step away from the extremist points of view. It makes the news (free advertising), and it gets party funding. A centrist candidate is going to have an exceptionally difficult time getting exposure to her constituency because the parties are NOT going to be able to count on her vote in following their ideologies. Would it be 80% of the time or 50%?

The Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce looks forward to seeing more elected officials coming to the center and negotiating best solutions for all.

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